CarryOut Menu


BROWN SODA BREAD    6.00/loaf                       IRISH BACON (FROZEN)    12.95/pound                        BANGERS (FROZEN)    10.95/pound



IRISH SMOKED SALMON – Served simply with lemon, onion, brown soda bread and butter   10.95s (GF w/out bread)

BUBBLE & SQUEAK – Crispy, griddle fried cakes of mashed potato, onion, and vegetable   3.95 (GF)

SCOTCH EGGS –  Deep-fried savouries of hard-boiled egg and sausage   4.95 each

GARLIC MUSHROOMS – Mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic, served with Marie Rose sauce   5.95  (GF)

SMOKED SALMON PATE – A spread of salmon, cream cheese, lemon, & onion served with brown soda bread   7.95

CRAB CAKES – Three pan-fried rounds of crab mixed with red peppers, onions & breadcrumbs   6.95

CORDON BLEU FRITTERS – Ham, chicken, and swiss cheese, deep-fried in our famous batter   5.95 



LEEK & POTATO SOUP   3.95/5.95         HOUSE SALAD   6.95 (GF)       House Salad with ham or grilled chicken   12.95

CASHEL SALAD – Bibb lettuce, walnuts, carrots, and Cashel Blue, a soft farmhouse cheese made near the Rock of Cashel, in County Tipperary.  Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette   8.95 (GF)

SMOKED SALMON SALAD – A light meal of chopped smoked salmon, red onion, and tomatoes served on spring mix with a lemon herb vinaigrette   8.95 (GF)

CHICKEN SALAD – With red onions & Dijon mayo, served as a platter with fruit or a sandwich with Irish chips   8.95 (GF)



BANGERS & MASH – Handmade Irish sausages and mashed potatoes served with carmelized onions and brown gravy   8.95

SMOKED SALMON & POTATO GRATIN – A casserole of potatoes, cream, chopped smoked salmon, swiss and parmesan, served with veg   9.95 (GF)

GUINNESS BEEF STEW – Beef and vegetables simmered in the famous black beer of Ireland   7.95

VEGAN VINDALOO – Seasonal veggies, potatoes, and chick peas in a mild yellow curry   8.95 (GF)

LAMB STUFFED CABBAGE – Three cabbage rolls stuffed with ground lamb and smoked cheddar, topped with a red wine reduction and served with champ   16.95

SHANAGARRY FISH CAKES – A mix of fresh and smoked salmon and cod, fried and served with veg and mash   11.95

VEGGIE SMASH – Steamed veg and mashed potatoes.  An adult sized portion of our popular kid’s dish   6.95

PLOUGHMAN’S PLATE – Double Gloucester and Sage Derby cheeses, served with brown soda bread, Branston Pickle, and Colman’s Mustard   12.95              Add Cashel Blue Cheese   2.95        (GF w/out bread)

FISH & CHIPS – We use the secret of the old-time Dublin “chippers” to make it extra crispy   12.95

COTTAGE PIE – Our Guinness beef stew served in a bread bowl and topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese   12.95



Served with Irish Chips


PUB BURGER – 8 oz. patty, grilled to order   9.95

With cheddar, swiss, or smoked gouda   10.95

With cheese and Irish bacon   12.95

PORTABELLA SANDWICH – Grilled mushroom, roasted red peppers & swiss, served dressed with Dijon mayo   9.95

IRISH CLUB – Sliced chicken and Limerick ham, served dressed with mayo on sourdough   8.95

GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH – Grilled chicken breast served dressed with Dijon mayo   9.95

SALMON BURGER – A fresh salmon cake, grilled and served dressed with dill mayo   8.95



Served with champ & veg

LIMERICK HAM – Juniper marinated ham, grilled and topped with a honey & brown sugar glaze   15.95 (GF)

ROVER CHICKEN – Two grilled chicken breasts with a creamy sauce of red ale, onion, and cumin   16.95 (GF w/out sauce)

SALMON MILES – Fresh grilled salmon with a Kahlua-black pepper glaze   19.95 (GF)


SIDE DISHES   3.95   

Cole Slaw    Steamed Veg    Champ    Fruit     Side Salad




VEGGIE SMASH          BANGERS & MASH        GRILLED CHEESE