Gift Certificates


To purchase an Irish Rover gift certificate, select dollar amount below and click “Buy Now.”  You will be re-directed to PayPal and given the option to log in with a PayPal account OR to log in using a credit/debit card.




Please note:  You will NOT receive a printable gift certificate after completing the online purchase.  Instead, The Irish Rover will receive an email and will use the shipping name and address you provided to send a paper (non-trackable) gift cert via snail mail.  To avoid issues, please take care when providing information on the PayPal form.

  • Enter YOUR name, address, and email as the BUYER when specifying payment info. 
  • If you would like the gift cert sent DIRECTLY TO THE RECIPIENT, remember to UNCLICK  “Ship to my billing address,” and enter the name and address of the recipient in the “Shipping Address” field which will pop up.
  • After entering payment info you will be able to use “Instructions to Merchant” to provide  further direction, such as including a message on the gift card (“Happy birthday from XXXXX” etc)  if we are mailing it directly to the recipient. 
  • Please also use “Instruction to Merchant” to provide the recipient name(s)….to avoid loss when sending gift certs through the mail, we write the recipient’s name on the back of the gift cert and ID will be required to redeem it.  PLEASE BE SURE TO PROVIDE RECIPIENT NAME(S)!


Thank you for your order and for supporting locally owned restaurants!